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Helping Organizations Thrive

Board Assessment & Development

“Survival of the fittest is not the same as survival of the best. Leaving leadership development up to chance is foolish.” – Morgan McCall

Assessing your current board

Board members are your organization’s greatest champions. Yet, they can also unwittingly be a hindrance. An efficient evaluation and overhaul of this valuable asset can make your institution more efficient. A full board assessment gives you a complete picture of how individual members’ skills and expertise may best be utilized. Following an assessment, proper roles can be carved out, as well as committees and initiatives that members may be paired with in order to achieve further institutional success. G&A knows that ignoring this process can be increasingly detrimental, and our consultants have decades of experience in evaluating boards to bring them to their full potential. 

Recruiting new board members

Prospective new board members can add financial security, talent, and ideas, diversifying your board and pushing it into the 21st century. After assessing your institution’s needs and identifying potential areas where additional expertise and skills are needed, recruiting new allies and talent can add crucial support. Locating and coaxing key people with access to fresh resources and a wide-ranging industry network is vital. New people from diverse backgrounds will provide a range of voices and powerful ideas that could positively challenge your institution to expand in exciting new directions. George & Associates’ consultants understand the needs of a modern board, and can ease the complicated process of assessing and recruiting the right members.

Board development and training

Even a full roster of dedicated, credentialed individuals on your board won’t improve the direction of your organization if your board is not on the same page. Communicating correctly with your board members and facilitating open dialogue between them is a vital first step. Providing training for your board in key areas of operations, such as fundraising, can make the difference between well-meaning intentions and success. By the same token, it’s necessary to provide incentives for your board, aligning them with the institution’s mission statement and growing their enthusiasm for properly executing the strategic plan. We can assist the Board in evaluating the organization’s progress toward the approved Strategic Plan and establishing a process for evaluating new ideas and modifications to a Strategic Plan. 

Without these key players functioning as a cohesive whole, working to further the mission of your organization can be a major challenge. George & Associates can help you establish where you are in the board development process and evaluate your current status and needs. We’ll work with you until you have a board worthy of carrying your institution’s mantle.

Associates: Roger Kenny, Dr. Viji GeorgeEd Dinan, and Paul GrandPre.


Desired Outcomes

•    Specific plans for Board engagement and actions
•    Clearly delineated expectations of the Board and its role vis a vis senior management
•    More value-added by each Director
•    Plans for Board enhancement and\or succession

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