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Our Fee Structure

Helping Organizations Thrive

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George & Associates offers two choices for clients to access the services of experts in each of our practice areas. If two or more services are anticipated over the long term, we are pleased to offer a Retainer Model.  If you need assistance with a single issue, we recommend the Assignment Model.

The Retainer Model

In this pricing model, we offer our consulting services on a retainer fee basis. For this retainer, we will allocate a certain number of days of service in any of the chosen practice areas. The retainer provides clients with consulting days at a reduced rate. The contracted days will be banked for two years. If the allocated days are not used in the first year, they can be rolled over to year two. This option provides a one-stop-shop of consulting services with experts who will be familiar with your organizational needs at a much-reduced cost.

The Assignment Model

If there is a particular need, for example an executive search assignment, we can undertake that on an assignment basis with a fee for services rendered. Executive search assignments on a “flat fee” basis, while our other services will be priced at a “per-diem” rates.

Contact us for further details on how this can be structured for your organization.  We are certainly flexible and willing to work within your budgetary constraints.

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