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Note From The CEO

Note from the CEO

Note from the CEO

When I was elected the eighth president of New York’s Concordia College, I came into that role without the benefit of experience necessary to run a complex organization. It was clear from the outset that I needed help. Even though help was available, it primarily existed behind a paywall and was often far beyond my financial reach. Throughout my career, I’ve run up against this obstacle a number of times, and witnessed other organizations needlessly floundering for lack of help and direction.

When my tenure as president came to an end seventeen years later, I understood very well that a niche needed to be filled, and I decided right away to form George & Associates Consulting with two primary objectives in mind:

1.) I wanted my firm to be a source of help that pulled from many fields to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to the issues faced by nonprofits today, and

2.) I wanted to make that help affordable.

Many consulting firms these days offer pop psychology and feel-good catch phrases, and few real solutions. At George & Associates, our main objective is to use metrics and data to uncover functional strategies that work for the long term. We offer systematic, transformational solutions that cater to each individual organization, helping them to discover their true potential. My team will get you where you need to go – that’s my promise to you.

In smaller and mid-sized nonprofits, it’s all one can do to keep up with day-to-day operational challenges, responding to each fire as it flares up. This pure reaction model common to many nonprofits makes it impossible to dedicate the necessary time and energy to larger missional and strategic goals. I understand very well that it can seem daunting to seek help. That’s why our aim is to make this process easy and affordable. We’ll ask the tough questions and do the heavy lifting. Not as a sage on the stage, dictating strict rules with an our-way-or-the-highway approach, but as a helpful guide, easing your organization into solutions that are appropriate to your individual circumstances.

George & Associates is a different kind of consulting firm. Our goal is to help organizations win hearts, minds, and wallets. You win hearts by a careful dedication to a mission and vision that’s reinforced in every step of daily operations. From here, a winning organization forms strategic objectives and plans for outcomes that bring that mission to fruition, with the ultimate goal of crafting a powerful narrative that communicates that mission to the world. You win minds by gaining credibility with the people you serve and those who support you. And by demonstrating to stakeholders that your mission is very much alive and thriving, that your strategic objectives are being accomplished according to plan, and that you’re practicing good stewardship along the way. You win wallets by truly embodying your mission, creating effective relationships with stakeholders, other organizations, and the community. The passion with which you pursue your goals and serve as an example to your industry is what ultimately converts zeal into tangible support for the organization. As a friend of mine used to say, “Make sure that what is on the marquee is playing in the theatre.”

It would be my absolute pleasure to work with your organization. I offer you all the combined strategies of my team achieved over decades of collective experience to help you win hearts, minds, and wallets.


Viji George, President & CEO