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International Student Recruitment

International Student Recruitment

The Benefits of International Students

While international students come from a variety of locations and backgrounds, the traits they most often have in common are the desire to work hard and the drive to succeed. Your institution will receive multiple benefits from actively recruiting international students, including a potential increase in global rankings and prestige, a diversity of viewpoints and an expanding worldview, and financial and other material benefits that will increase the operating capacity of your university or college. George & Associates will help you build key partnerships with schools in the most essential areas of the world to achieve the greatest benefits from international student populations. We teach you how to target the most competitive schools and recruit the brightest students from key populations like India, China, and Saudi Arabia. Our consultants will provide the framework of recruiting language and messaging that will speak to international student bodies and assist in setting up the financial and other support systems to get those students to your institution. We provide insight into the specific areas of interest and needs of international populations, and help you market yourself and your vision under the best terms possible, in ways the international community will respond to best.

International Tuition Benefits

Tuition from international students can serve as a major boon to your institution’s finances, providing you increased revenue for operations. Not only that, it allows you to balance the financial aid packages and discounted tuition your institution offers to other high-performing, low-income students who would otherwise be unable to attend your university or college, granting you the chance to provide an education to a wider range of perspective students. Implementing aggressive international recruiting strategies will make a big difference to your organization’s budget and tuition-based revenue stream, but it’s a complex, multi-step process. George & Associates doesn’t want you to go it alone. Our consultants can help, finding and implementing the right programs that’ll make you stand out, such as ESL or in-demand degree work, that will attract target demographics and balance your current operating costs.

Boosting Your Prestige

Through making connections with high-achieving schools in prized areas and establishing programs that attract international attention, you’ll benefit from a diverse student body and a well-rounded worldview. As a result of your efforts, you’ll gain international prestige, which not only streamlines the recruitment cycle but also helps with grants and other support when you can demonstrate how far your institution has come. George & Associates can leverage our vast network and years of experience to make these industry connections for you, pairing you with key schools in particular locations that can improve your recruiting process and fill out your student body with a core group of eager global citizens.

“Education is neither eastern nor western. Education is education and it's the right of every human being." – Malala Yousafzai