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Helping Organizations Thrive

Resource Development

I have tried raising money by asking for it, and by not asking for it. I always got more by asking for it.” – Millard Fuller

Efficient fundraising

Resource Development involves so much more than simply asking for donations.  A Resource Development program requires adequate internal resources (staff, data, etc.), a short-term and long-term goal, a case for support, a communication plan, and persistent execution.  Even if there is not a strong base of support, the plan must identify how to cultivate and expand the base.  At George & Associates, our consultants have spent decades learning the right ways to build a donor pipeline, cultivate relationships, grow the volunteer base, understand donor motivations, and communicate the “case for support” to maximize financial support for the organization’s mission. We can provide your team with the insights, knowledge, and training to efficiently meet your fundraising goals and sustain a culture of philanthropy. 

Planning and Organization

Effective Resource Development starts with planning.  The organization must assess its resources and capabilities, set realistic goals for support, implement a multi-pronged strategy to achieve the goals, institute mechanisms to execute the strategy, track progress, and make adjustments as needed. In short, the organization must be organized and prepared in order to attain its goals.  George & Associates can help clients through each step of the process, from assessment and planning, to implementation and achievement of goals. 

Communications and the Case for Support

Organizations must understand what differentiates them in the marketplace, both with those served as well as with donors. This forms the basis for the brand identity which then needs to be effectively communicated to external audiences.  In the case of donors, this is your “case for support”.  George & Associates has the Branding and Communications expertise to assist clients in each of these critical steps and devising a communications plan to execute on the strategy.

Cultivating Relationships

Great nonprofits go beyond simply seeking donors, and instead build relationships with key partners and stakeholders. The best supporters and volunteers will become partners in your organization’s mission and brand ambassadors going forward. It’s your job to identify and manage these allies in pursuit of a mutually beneficial outcome.  It is also important to consider the ability to enlist additional help in fundraising from people in the organization who are not part of the development staff, per se.  These may include Presidents or Executive Directors, Board members, volunteers, program heads, etc.  Through its Leadership Development expertise and Executive Coaching, George & Associates can help guide your team in best practices for maximum impact.

Multi-Channel Resource Development

Our team assists clients in maximizing revenues.  In addition to help in writing effective appeals and communicating the case for support, our experts will guide your team in accessing the many channels for resource development.  This includes phonathons, special events, “text-to-give”, major gifts and endowment support, planned gifts, grants, non-gift or fee-for-service income, and more. George & Associates has the experience in all of these areas to help clients execute such a broad approach to resource development.  

Donors don’t give to institutions. They invest in ideas and people in whom they believe.” – G.T. Smith

Associates: Dr. Lisa Decker, Dr. Viji George, Irena Choi Stern, Ed Dinan, and Paul GrandPre.


Desired Outcomes on behalf of clients

Clients will benefit from:

·             Maximization of revenues and return on investment
·             Crystallization of the institutional brand
·             Communication plan to effectively support the brand and case for support
·             An improved fundraising strategy and plan
·             Effective appeals
·             A realistic assessment of internal resources to execute the plan
·             Trained and empowered staff and volunteers to be effective ambassadors and\or fundraisers

Especially in situations where clients have received negative feedback or identification of areas for improvement from accrediting bodies or ratings agencies, George & Associates can be a valuable partner in addressing any perceived weaknesses and implementing corrective actions.

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