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The India Partnership

The India Partnership

Gateway to Indian Students 


Why india?

Currently, India is the second largest source of international students studying in America. Approximately 200,000 students come to the US to pursue their education. Of all potential destinations to study abroad, the US is the first choice for Indian students.

Unlike students from some parts of the world, the Indian students we recruit have excellent language skills and are required to take the IELTS test to prove their proficiency.

Indian students perform well academically and integrate socially. American colleges and universities find them to be actively engaged and productive members of the campus community.

Given the robust economic growth in India, a segment of the population is willing to invest in an American education for their children.


Undergraduate students are recruited through a 2+2 transfer model. Students study in India for 2 years and transfer to your institution for the last 2 years to earn their Bachelor’s degree from your institution.

We have ongoing agreements with highly reputable institutions in India and we work with your staff to design a curriculum map for these transfer students. In this model, we identify interested students at the beginning of their academic career and thereby are able to track them before they arrive at your institution.

We attend recruitment fairs on your behalf, at our cost, to recruit graduate students to selected programs on your campus. We also recruit graduates of Indian undergraduate institutions to pursue graduate studies in the U.S.

We provide all the necessary services for the students to obtain their visas so they may pursue their studies at your institution.

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A Risk-Free Approach To Recruiting

George & Associates Consulting is a boutique firm that offers a wide range of services to educational and nonprofit organizations. Get to know our firm by visiting our website:

Among the services we offer is assistance in recruiting undergraduate and graduate students from India to your institution. We have an in-country office in India staffed with admission counselors who have years of experience recruiting students to American institutions. We serve as the exclusive representative to carefully selected institutions who do not compete regionally and have programatic offerings that complements one another.

We offer a unique recruitment model in India as well as a success fee structure that eliminates risk for your institution. 

Please contact us for a more detailed conversation about how G&A can be a gateway for Indian students to your college/university.


Risk Free Arrangement

All recruitment is performed by trained staff employed directly by us in the India Office. We do not use recruiting agents. At the outset of an engagement, a senior member of our India staff will visit your campus to familiarize themselves with your institution, and its programs, people, and facilities, so that we can best represent your interests in India.

Our fee structure is based on a risk-free model. Each institution we represent pays a retainer fee, covering the first three students we recruit to your campus. For each additional student we recruit, there will be an agreed-upon per-student fee. If, within the first three years, we do not recruit three students to your campus, your retainer fee is returned, pro rata, for the shortfall. It’s that simple! We can offer this risk-free option because we are so confident we can produce results for you.

We invite you to be a part of this unique opportunity to extend your reach to India, the second largest source of qualified international students. Contact us for an in-depth conversation.